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October 21 2013


Things to do Before Jailbreaking Apple TV 3

Jailbreaking, the name itself makes it sound like something illegal and difficult. After all, if it were so easy, everyone would be doing it right? But people that think like this couldn't be more wrong. In fact, the process of jailbreaking your Apple devices has become so easy nowadays that all you have to do is download a software and sit back while it takes care of everything for you.

Perhaps you will understand jailbreaking better if you know what it is. It is basically a process where you replace the original Apple software on one of its devices with a custom version of the same software. These custom software’s give you expanded functionality which is greatly desired in Apple devices like the Apple TV 3.

When you jailbreak your Apple TV 3, you will be able to download applications which aren't available in the regular app store. Two terms which you will regularly come across when it comes to jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 device is tethered & untethered. A tethered jailbreak will require you to connect your device with a computer every time you boot it while an untethered jailbreak doesn't require a computer. It's obviously better to get an untethered jailbreak but you will just have to rely on what's available right now. Remember, jailbreaking your device will not get rid of any of the current apps or functions of the device. You will only get additional features.

Now there are a couple of things for you to keep in mind before you go ahead and jailbreak Apple TV. I have taken the trouble of listing them out here for your reference. Don't forget either of these points or you may just end up with a major problem on your hands:

1. The main reason why people refrain from jailbreaking their devices is because they are worried about the warranty. The good news here is that there is a solution. All you need to do is take a complete backup of your Apple TV 3 device before jailbreaking it. Store this backup safely somewhere. If something goes wrong with the device in the future for any reason, all you need to do is restore the device using the backup you had earlier created. This will return your device to its original settings and you will then be free to take it to an Apple service station and get it checked. No one will even know that the device was ever jailbroken.

2. Once you jailbreak your device, it's best for you to refrain from updating it when any new versions of software are released by Apple. It takes time for a jailbreak to hit the market for updated software and unless you want to wait around for it, it's best to continue running on your current software until a jailbreak is released. You will have to go through the whole process of jailbreaking your device again though. Even though it hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes, not everyone is up for it.

Just keep both these points in mind at all times and you should be fine with your jailbroken Apple TV 3 device.

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